Please read our policy on insurance

We do not accept insurance at NURTURE.  This was a difficult decision to make.  We believe in therapy and believe therapy should be accessible to everyone, even those who do not have disposable cash to spend on nurturing their family.  However, there are a few ugly truths about utilizing  your insurance for therapy.  The following is a small list of these truths and why after much thought we decided to create an "out of pocket" practice.   

1. Insurance companies require a diagnosis in order for them to pay for therapy

If you are lucky, they will accept a soft diagnosis.  Something like "adjustment disorder" which is temporary and non-threatening.  Most insurance companies are on to that trick and will require a more stigmatized diagnosis to pay for your sessions.  Common experiences like depression will go onto your permanent record.  This may not matter for you, which we are glad to hear, mental health diagnosis should not be stigmatized.  However, if you have to buy insurance for yourself (health or life) it may matter a great deal.

The even harsher reality?  Couples relationship issues, parent/child troubles, normal grieving, or "just having a hard time" are all things that are NOT covered.  This means that your therapist will have to slap at least one of you with a diagnosis just to get your sessions covered.

2. If a therapist takes insurance, the client's notes can be viewed by the insurance company at any time.

If an insurance company wants to "check up" on you or the quality of care from the therapist, they are free to audit and review your private notes at any time.  In some cases, notes or forms will be required by the company to determine if you are able to receive more sessions.

3. Your insurance company will dictate how many sessions are available to you.

Insurance companies only provide coverage for X amount of sessions per year.  Therefore it is more than likely that the full benefits of therapy will not be covered.

You have a right to be an informed consumer.  Insurance is no exception.  The work we do at NURTURE is completely private, completely confidential, and we are free to work on issues that you identify as important, not a billing department.