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**NURTURE is currently seeking a new family member to join our therapy team. If you are a licensed therapist, please submit your resume and cover letter to us.

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Lauren Peabody, LMSW

Hi! I’m Lauren the owner/therapist at NURTURE. For the last 10 years I have worked with families in a variety of contexts, from teaching parent and child interaction classes in Chicago, to working with and managing a team who intervened with families in crisis in Flint. I am a lifelong learner and strive to always increase my knowledge and skill in evidence-based therapeutic techniques for families, individuals and children. I have a strong passion for parenting, family dynamics and helping individuals see the connections between childhood and adult patterns.

I, as everyone, wear many hats.  I am a wife, mother of three children, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, in-law and friend.  I believe in therapy to my core and wish to spread the many positive outcomes of counseling to the Fenton community.  It is my hope that one day therapists will be viewed as a part of every family "team," similar to that of an attorney, health provider or accountant.  It really does take a village!

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Laura Clise, OT

I am excited to be working with the Nurture team to spread the awareness and benefits of Occupational Therapy. I have worked as an OT for over 20 years in many different settings. Most recently I have been working on broadening my skill level to work with children and adults outside of the traditional OT context. Occupational Therapy can be an integral part of the treatment process for individuals with sensory needs, anxiety, ADHD and trauma to name a few. Two years ago I lost my daughter, Lauryn, love of my life, to cancer. Since her death, I have leaned on my knowledge base and used many of the OT modalities to help with the trauma of losing a child. I feel strongly that OT is a vital piece to the process of becoming the whole-hearted humans we all yearn to be. I work to help my community and to carry on the legacy of Lauryn who was the light of so many lives.

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Jenn Scieszka, Director of Operations and Calm

My name is Jennifer Scieszka (she-ska, like Fresca), and I believe in the power of Nurture Family Center (NFC)!  I manage and oversee the administrative tasks of the operation.  If you don’t see me around the office, it’s because I currently work behind the scenes.  I am committed to the practice of mindfulness and meditation and incorporate it into my daily life, hence the “calm” in my title. In addition to my roll at NFC, I am a wife to my wonderful husband and mother to 3  beautiful children. I’m passionate about raising my family with a mindful holistic approach and have recently embarked on the journey of farming.  If you see me around, say “Hello”! Can’t wait to meet you! -Jenn

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Krista Szafranski, Digital Strategist

Well hello there! My name is Krista Szafranski, but you can just call me Krista or Digital Strategist Extraordinaire, whatever is easiest. Besides having a hard to pronounce last name and the need for a fancy title, I help with social media and promotions for Nurture Family Center (NFC). I have lived in Fenton all my life and now am proud to raise my two boys here with my husband.  I am so excited to be a part of the Nurture Family as I wholeheartedly believe in everything the NFC encompasses. As I weave down the crazy path of parenthood its great to have a “village” behind you that gets it and helps you to navigate that path and stay grounded. I have definitely found my “village people” here at NFC.  (And now you have the YMCA stuck in your head, you’re welcome)

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Brandon Peabody, Business Management

I am the behind the scenes man that runs the “business” side of Nurture Family Center. I am working diligently to ensure that Nurture is able to run smoothly to reach as many individuals and families as we possibly can. Growing up in Fenton, I have a strong sense of pride in this community and the growth that has happened over the last decade. Knowing that it takes a village/community to raise a family, we practice what we preach when it comes to therapy. I can speak from first hand experience that therapy and OT have helped Lauren and I, and our family greatly. We are excited to make you part of the Nurture family.


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